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We Can Accomplish Much, Together

Below, you can find the issues surrounding this campaign. Additionally, please submit any of your priorities to our campaign!


I will continue to advocate for our wonderful parks system and the Parks and Recreation Department. The Town's Park and Recreation Department has provided an incredibly valuable service to our community. Additionally, I will continuously promote our wonderful greenways.

Workforce Housing

We have a housing shortage in Western North Carolina. We all need to work towards meaningful solutions to gain more affordable housing in our community. I will work towards exploring options to increase workforce housing in our community. There are members across our community that need workforce housing. Those members include factory workers, teachers, police officers, amongst others. Therefore, more members of our community can live more comfortably. 

Heart of Fletcher

A marquee project in Fletcher is the Heart of Fletcher. The Heart of Fletcher project often called the Town Center project, will bring a downtown presence to Fletcher. We need competent leadership as the Town continues to work towards this concept. We need to make sure we are creating a community that is welcoming to others and still feels like home to residents.


Local government should be as transparent as possible. Government is accountable to the residents they serve. Therefore, we should strive to have open communication in order to support our community. I would like to see performance measures implemented in order to record data that can be utilized to better serve and report to our community.

Henderson County Library in Fletcher

The Fletcher Town Council has put its best foot forward to try to get this done. In the past, we have designated funds in the fund balance towards a new library. We have discussed offering land to build the library. The Library Board of Trustees acknowledges the need. Nevertheless, County Commissioners assert that the burden of building a new library will be solely on the Town of Fletcher. That is absurd. Libraries are a County function, and the Town has put forth a strong effort to get this done. Why should this burden be on the Town when Fletcher residents pay county taxes as well? The branch is incredibly busy within the library system and in January 2020 it was stated that the branch in Fletcher had nearly 80,000 visitors, 85,000 items circulated, and over 9,000 questions answered each year. The branch no longer meets the needs of the public


Fairness. We need to ensure that we are building an equitable community in Fletcher. We need to ensure all services, directly and indirectly, provided are just, fair, and equitable. Additionally, it is imperative that the formation and implementation of policy are also just, fair, and equitable. 

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